Sofia Vera is a luxury ready-to-wear label designed by French designer Sophie Redhon, specialising in creating timeless wardrobe pieces for the sophisticated woman, from the most luxurious natural fibre fabrics.

Our Founder


The Sofia Vera story began unexpectedly, with a chance encounter some years ago during a personal adventure exploring Indochina. Founder Sophie Redhon was introduced to Lotus silk fabric, and was instantly struck by the beauty, feel & uniqueness of this exquisite rare textile, made entirely from the stem of the Lotus Flower. 100% natural and made by skilled master artisan hands without any polluting inputs nor machinery, she couldn’t help but fall in love. She started her brand called Lotus Paradis which became Sofia Vera in 2023!


French by birth with Sardinian Italian & Basque roots, Sophie's upbringing in tropical countries like Niger & Ivory Coast paved the way for her adventurous soul and passion for all things of natural and authentic beauty.


Her designs are made with the purpose of bringing to life her admiration for timeless chic, catering to the sophisticated woman through flattering feminine collections all made from rare and luxurious 100% natural fabrics.

Responsible Production


With authenticity being one of Sofia Vera’s core values, we aim to be transparent about how we conduct our business. Our desire is to continuously educate our community as well as ourselves, on the reality of the world of fashion and how to be better.


At Sofia Vera we do not mass produce, we make every garment upon order. This approach means that no clothes are made in excess, which benefits an already overloaded planet. It also means that we can take extra special care when making a new piece, ensuring that the quality meets our highest standards. We only ensure to always have sufficient stocks of our fabrics, since fabric production takes up most of the garment production time, and we know that fabric will never go to waste. To learn more about our fabric production process, read more on our Fabrics page.


We have traceability all the way back to the thread for Lotus Silk fabric and can therefore know the exact environmental impact and social practices. We are proud to say that Lotus Silk fabric is made entirely without any environmentally-damaging inputs or processes, making it the most sustainable fabric in the world.


Our Organic Cotton fabric is sourced from GOTS certified suppliers which guarantees many social and environmental standards such as correct wastewater management and optimal working conditions for workers. Our dyes used are either 100% natural, according to the season and availability of the natural products used to make dyes.


Otherwise we use Dystar 100% Oekotex certified dyes which guarantee that there are no heavy metals & other harmful substances to human health in the dyes.


All of our clothing is made ethically according to principles guaranteed by Fair Trade certification, ensuring that our skilled craft artisan weavers and dressmakers are working according to conditions that are ethical, as we all would expect and hold as standard for ourselves.

To know more about the fabrication of the threads and clothing, you can read more in Fabrics.

Our Philosophy


The Sofia Vera philosophy is to spread joy and beauty into the every day. We believe that life's purpose is to share happy moments with loved ones and to enjoy each day to the fullest.


We believe that fashion fades whist style is eternal. We love timeless elegance, sophisticated silhouettes and soft comfortable fabrics that are a delight to our bodies.


We treasure and honour heritage craftsmanship and commitment to achieving high quality products.


We respect ourselves, our communities & environment and believe in living authentically and audaciously as our full beautiful selves. We appreciate beautiful things, especially when they are gifts from Mother Nature, as our fabrics are, and made by wonderful humans, as our clothing is.