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Our 100% natural, luxury & oh-so-comfortable collection features perfect everyday pieces such as silk & organic cotton wide-leg palazzo pants with oversized jackets and long floaty kaftan dresses. For the warmer days, wear the nautical themed lotus flower & organic cotton shorts or 70's style beautifully feminine dresses. Inspire your wardrobe now with irresistible avant-garde pieces where comfort, fashion and natural fabrics of the future pair together in perfect harmony.



The new standard of modern Luxe

At Sofia Vera we craft every garment uniquely upon order. We do not mass produce nor do we stock warehouses full of unsold clothes.

Each Sofia Vera piece is made specifically for their unique owner, to last a lifetime, with timeless style being one of our core philosophies.

Every garment is hand made in ateliers by master artisans, whose highest standards of craftsmanship and passion continuously drive them in the pursuit of excellence.

Only pure silk, organic cotton & lotus flower fabrics are chosen to design our collections. These rare textiles are woven in ateliers whose art dates back more than 5000 years. Sofia Vera takes pride in preserving the craftsmanship of creating the fragile and delicate fibres of the stunning lotus flower, giving rise to a natural fabric of exceptional quality, and unquestionably the most sustainably produced fabric in the world!

The unique designs of our creations play on the perfect pairing of pure silk, organic cotton and the lotus flower.


Preserving Craftsmanship & Mother Earth

Sofia Vera believes in responsible fashion production and consumption. Working only with the finest quality 100% natural fabrics, crafting them within the highest standards of respect for people as well as for the environment.

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk is the original luxury silk that comes from the mulberry leaf eating silkworm. A fabric that has been cultivated for over 5000 years, and has a history tied to the most wealthy and noble of the ancient Chinese dynasties. Enjoyed worldwide today, its leading position as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world has not changed.

Exquisite Lotus Silk

Lotus Silk is the rarest silk in the world and is cultivated in very limited quantities. It takes an entire sixty days for a skilled Lotus Silk weaver to produce only four meters of the precious fabric. That goes some way in explaining why Lotus Silk is regarded as one of the most expensive fabrics in fashion. Not only is it an exceptional fabric in terms of its qualities such as crease-resistance, breathability, and softness, but Lotus Silk also boasts cutting-edge natural technologies...

More and more I really notice how different I feel in natural fabrics (rather than synthetics) - and was so happy to randomly stumble on this line of clothes - they feel so good to wear, my body can breathe! -movement is free - but they are also really beautiful. I get asked so many times where my clothes came from when I wear them - people notice the quality of the fabric as well as the designs/ All in all I would highly recommend -I have been very happy so far with every item ordered.

Elise Martin

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